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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Plan Toys Palomino

For some reason he insisted on wearing his swim hat and also liked starting with the back legs under the couch. I guess it propelled him forward a little more when he rocked forward.

My youngest just celebrated his second birthday last month. We've sure enjoyed having a new set of toys around here!

I've had my eye on the Plan Toys' rocking horse, Palomino since my oldest was a toddler. I love Plan Toys for their aesthetic, educational value, and especially their play potential! Palomino only took about 5 minutes to hurry and put together, it was really easy and self-explanatory.

Coen loved it from the beginning! The first night he rocked on it for a good 45 minutes, non-stop. He continues to ride on it every day. I think the movement and rocking motion are good for him and also help him strengthen muscles he wouldn't normally use by engaging them to make the horse rock back and forth.

Friday, October 15, 2010

That time of year again

Who is excited for Christmas gift shopping?! I am!! Stay tuned for lots of new posts as I help you navigate the toy isles this holiday season!

Hedbanz Review

Hedbanz Game was a very fun game to review. My 5 year old loved it! We played one night after the toddler went to bed for the night and Marshall was able to enjoy some individual attention from mom and dad.

Hedbanz is easy to play and great for little kids, it says 6 and up, but with help I think an advanced 4 year old could probably play. It took Marshall a couple rounds to begin asking the right questions, but once he understood, the game flowed smoothly.

Each player puts on a headband and draws a card. Without looking, you place the card in your headband and the game begins. As the timer is started, the first player begins asking yes or no questions to help them guess what is on their card. They have until the timer runs out to guess. We laughed a lot and had a really fun time playing Hedbanz together as a family.

I've said it before, but games are great for kids! Turn taking and losing gracefully are only two great benefits. Hedbanz also teaches critical thinking and memory as you think about what you already know based on the other players' answers.

Hedbanz has definitely been requested several times since we received it! Thanks, Spin Master!

Disclaimer: Spin Master provided us with one Hedbanz game for our review. No other compensation was given.