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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peaceable Kingdom Press

Summer got under way, my computer was in the repair shop for a few weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon with all the cool toys we've been getting!

Back in June we were sent some awesome toys from Peaceable Kingdom Press. They make games, puzzles, books, and more with the funnest, most whimsical pictures! Our samples included:

Dodge the Dragon Card Game
(Old Maid)

Crazy Mates Card Game
(Crazy Eights)

We love playing both these games as a family at night before bed. My son loves the pirates' funny names and lively illustrations. We love games at our house and I'll be buying their other card games to put in as stocking stuffers this Christmas. Another thing I liked about these was the packaging. They come in very sturdy boxes with an inner deck holder that slides in, making it even better. They call them Classic Card Games for Modern Kids because they're all the card games we grew up with but each have a new design and twist.

Big Puzzles for Little Hands: Mermaid, Princess, Fairy, Ballerina
In addition to this set they also have Guess How Much I Love You, Curious George, and Dinosaur sets and more. These are perfect beginner jigsaw puzzles because each one only has 4 large pieces and comes with a fun picture to place underneath for guidance.

My cute toy tester had fun with these!

and 'Get Going, America' Write & Wipe Activities, part of their Write and Wipe Activity Tote line. My son LOVES playing in this book! Anything he can write, wipe, and do again is always a big hit! My husband and I have even played a game or two in here by ourselves. They also have a Dr. Seuss, Fairy Mermaid Princess, and Pirates edition (see website for more). This toy alone has saved us an amazing amount of embarrassment at church, as my son sits there like the little angel he is while we get to enjoy the sermon. Nothing keeps the whining and screaming down like a really good toy. This one is highly, highly recommended. We have received many miles from this gem!

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