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Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally...A Give Away and a Book Review

I was asked to review this book, The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide by Heather Maclean and was sent two copies, one for me and one for one of my lucky readers. So, read the review and then I'll have instructions for how to win a copy of this must-have book!

I've flipped through many a buying guides at the bookstore but none as informative and up to date as this one. I loved how it was organized, each product has it's own chapter from bottles to car seats to (my favorite) toys! In the back is a list of popular baby gizmo brand names and, get this, a pronunciation guide! I was amazed at how some of these brands are wrongly pronounced. The best part was the rating on whether the product is a must have or just nice to have. It would really help in narrowing down your baby registry or figuring out what to buy on a tight budget. Any expecting parent should get this book and use it as they register. It offers insight from an experienced mom that every parent could benefit from. Those baby stores are so hard to think in and can be a little overwhelming, but armed with The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide you can narrow it down to the items you need in no time. So check it out!

Finally, time for the giveaway! Just leave me a comment that includes the following:
-your name or initials, if you're anonymous I won't be able to tell the difference between you
-your kids gender and ages
-how often you visit my blog
-one tip I could use to improve my blog
-if you tell a friend and they include who referred them, I'll enter you twice!!
The contest will end in one week, Friday May 30 at midnight. I'll write down your names, throw them in a bowl, and let my hubby pick one without looking. I'll post the winner on my blog.
I look forward to hearing from my readers and getting to know you better.


Christine said...

Laine 5
Eve 3
James 1
I visit weekly
It's an awesome blog! Maybe you could start including some prices on the toys you review. =)

Kirsten said...

Hey, well you know my son--3 months old.
I have your blog on my Google Reader account so I visit it whenever you update it.
Perhaps you could have a post about book recommendations for kids?

Becca said...

Braddock - 15 months
I just started using igoogle, so I also visit whenever you update! And not to copycat, but I would also love to have children's books recommendations!

Geoff and Joy said...

my name: Joy
Child's name, age: Paityn 9 months
Visits: Weekly
advice: ooh, i like the children's book idea. I LOVE kids books! maybe summer toys, since it is just around the corner?

Tina said...

Summer - 2 yrs
I visit every couple of weeks.
I liked your preschool post and would love more educational perspective on toys...why certain toys are beneficial, etc...
Books are great too, though!

Karen Scoffield said...

Son - 2 years
1st visit. Very excited to check back again. The book sounds great too.

Melissa and Allen said...

Melissa Campbell- (your bff) you know the rest. Well, except i don't visit this blog that much because I don't have kids yet, but I probably should because i have one coming in less than 2 months!!!!! (as you already know)

Abby said...

Mckinley 2
This is the first time!
This is very informative. I will have to come back and keep reading. How about some church toys. You know the type that silence your kids and keep them entertained while you are having a wrestling match with them during sacrament meeting.

kelly said...

Son: 18 months
Visit weekly or when I get the chance
I would love to hear about the latest research on child development, play, early literacy, etc. to make me better informed when purchasing toys. I would also enjoy reading reviews of children's books. Thanks for making a great blog!