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Friday, June 20, 2008

Finding a Boy Doll

I've been on a quest to find a doll for my son since he's going to have a brother soon. It's really not that easy. And forget about finding good gender neutral doll furniture and accessories, it's almost impossible! For now I'm posting the boy dolls I find so I can keep track and compare sizes and stuff. I hope that this helps some of you as well. Here are my list of requirements for the doll: soft body, not tubbable (not meant for the tub), baby looking, not older kid-ish, and fits with whatever doll accessories line I decide to go with. I'm going to be adding more as I find them.

Organic Baby Doll ($49.99) at Our Green House is 13" tall and is filled with wool.

Bitty Twins 15" from American Girl $87
These are so cute, but why can't you just get one?Tidoo Lutin Striped Baby Doll 12" by Corolle $35.95
This one is tubbable
Calin Blue Stripe Doll 12" from Corolle $38.98
Cute but a little small

Paul Drinks & Wets 14" from Corolle $38.29
Don't need a functioning one, also it's tubbable

Baby Chou Twins 11" from Corolle $33.99
A little small, and again I don't need two, but I guess I can always put the girl away


Belle cose said...

Look what I found (on your post for a nine month old girl!)

Jessica said...

I found a great doll from Haba for my son: Phil Soft Doll

Kelly said...

You've got to see the dolls at

They are awesome! We have 3 so far- the "little friends" doll, "teeny baby" and the 12" heavy baby. They are fabulous and worth every cent.

LOVE your blog, btw!