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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giveaway from Bright October!!!

Bright October has graciously offered 2 of my readers a chance to win some new for 2008 Haba toys! They will be giving away one set of Cordoba Blocks (top) and one set of Jack Jesters (bottom). These brightly painted, whimsical sets would make great gifts this holiday season! Be sure to check out Bright October's website for more cool stuff from brands like Vilac, Blabla, Kathe Kruse, Selecta, Woody Click, Anamalz, and more. They are also offering 10-15% off all Haba purchases through the end of the month.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment with your name and an email address and one idea/tip/suggestion you have for my blog. Each person will have a chance of winning one of the Haba sets and will be contacted via email along with the winner being announced here on Wednesday, November 5th. The contest will end on Tuesday, November 4th at 11:59pm. Good luck!


Kirsten said...

Count me in. My email address is kirstyelizabeth at gmail dot com.

Maybe you could do a post about "found" toys--things that are around the house that are good for kids to play with and learn from?

Kelly said...

Man, what I wouldn't give for those Cordoba blocks!

How about more themed posts?

Kitchens and Play food
Dress Up clothes
Art supplies
Tea Party


BTW- This pirate ship from Hearthsong is a *steal*! We have it and it's awesome!|0|Normal%20Search%20Result|P1

Love your blog!

My email addy is

Heather said...

I have been eyeing bright octobers animalz since you first posted them. These blocks are amazing too!

For your blog I would have a feedback day where you post items your viewers have found!

triestep said...

I love those toys so count me in! My email is Maybe have some polls on the best toys that people have purchased from you or that they want to purchase. I love all the polls you put on your family blog!

About the dress link on my was just a link I saw on my friend's blog. I couldn't believe the dress...she definitely should sell them!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Cute! I'd love to see some quick d.i.y toy projects! Also feature more handmade toy crafters!

Jen said...

Hey, I'm Jen at

I'm new to the blog, and would love to see more ways to find toys you've posted about by age. I tried the links on the side, but the "Top 10" for 18-month only had 2 items.

Love the blog!

Debbie said...

I would LOVE to win those blocks!!! My email is

I would also love to see more posts and age appropriate toys separated into categories by age (3,6,9 months, etc). Maybe separated by different price ranges as well.

Love your blog - thanks so much for posting!

irishleigh86 said...

I would love to see more baby toys for under a year or so.

Sarah Jane said...

OH I love these! I agree with some of the others...more themed posts. I like how you categorize by age, but maybe according to make also: wooden toys, dolls, make and create, etc.

Love your blog! So much to review here!


sarah (at)

Sara said...

Super cute, Toy Snob! I followed your comment on my blog and came to visit yours. Cool! I love toys. We should join forces sometime and do something.... maybe fill the world with Haba :-)

tortured mormon mom said...

I was just thinking I'd better get back into having little kid toys around again. And those are so cute and look like these others that my kids used to play with.
Mary Anne

gjgille said...

It would be nice to have more information for newborn type of toys.

Heidi said...

I'd really like if you expanded the age groups to at least 5 years old and maybe even older. It's nice to find great toys for older kids that don't require a plug!

jasnheidi at aol dot com

kelly said...

Would love a chance to win. My email is

It would be great to see posts about the best 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc birthday gifts to give, and invite readers to share their ideas, too.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win those fun blocks! I love reading your toysnob blog...I get the best ideas from you! I'd love to see more toys for specific ages.

Christine said...

Sweet! You've got my e-mail. Would you do a post at some point on clever toy storage ideas? The blog rocks.

Magda said...

Those blocks look awesome! My email is

I'd love to see an official post about wooden dollhouses. After much consideration, I've decided to hold off on getting my daughter (2) a dollhouse this year and wait until she is 3 or older. Instead we are going to get her a rocking horse. A post about rocking horses would be a good idea too! :)

Lizzie Fish said...

ooooh i want those

i'm @ lzrdbrth75 AT hotmail DOT com

maybe add a division for organic or all-natural toys or toys made in the u.s....otherwise, super site. thx for doing all this research. =)

Kalyn said...

Great site... my friend (above) told me about you. :) I am at kalynphotography at ATT dot net

I think things about being resourcefull.... you know, like making a toilet paper roll into a telescope, hand made toys! :)

Jess said...

Awesome blocks! jessdixon07 at gmaildotcom.

This is actually my first visit to your blog, so it's hard to make a suggestion... what about suggestions by price range? That would be helping when buying gifts for others.

Cool blog!

Sweetpea said...

Hey there,
A few ideas are:
Try a guest post--some toy recommendations of people you trust

Give us some more hints of good toys for certain developmental stages, I know you know a lot about that!

Address how to remind people of your toy preferences for birthdays and holidays.

Maybe address gender bias and toys?

Sorry, it's late and my brain is whacky.

Latter-day Lessons said...

Perhaps build business partnerships with multiple toy companies where you put their logos on your Websites and they give you free products to giveaway? Or some kind of incentive for people to put a hyperlink to your blog on their blogs?

Melissa and Allen said...

Hey! I'm sorry it took me forever to enter this thing. I have mommy brain now and I forget everything! I think this blog is awesome and I have no suggestions. I have a suggestion for myself and that is to look at this more because it really is so sweet. Pretty sure you know my email.
Love ya!