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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alternatives to Disney Princesses

Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with the Disney Princesses. I grew up loving Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Aurora myself! But, when I read Chapter 6 "The Princess Lifestyle" in the book "Buy, Buy Baby" I got a little miffed at Disney for creating such an empire around the princesses. So, I decided to see what was out there as an alternative to Disney. I found plenty! So, instead of putting money into "fad" princess items, invest in some royalty-worthy princess paraphernalia your daughter can pass on to her daughter!

Below are several options in the categories: dress-ups, play set palaces, dolls and figures, furniture, arts & crafts, books, accessories, puzzles, and games.


Royal Princess Dress from Chasing Fireflies

Princess Collection Dress Up Trunk Wardrobe through Amazon
These dress-ups resemble the Disney Princess costumes
but don't carry the Disney brand name.

Pink/Gold Princess dress available on Amazon

Enchanting Princess Costume also through Amazon

Belle Deluxe Dress Up Costume, again does not carry Disney name

Ultimate Tea Party Set with Accessories
If you want to go for the ultimate in princess dress-up,
here is an all inclusive set without the Disney name.

Since every princess needs a castle, the Princess Pop Up Castle
from Amazon is a perfect hide-out for her majesty

Cranium Giggle Gear Fancy Fairy Dress-Up Toy
from Growing Tree Toys

Rub a Dub Princess in the Tub wand and mirror
by Alex Toys from Kidsurplus

Gold Heart Wand from Chasing Fireflies

Gold Sparkle Shoes from Chasing Fireflies

Sparkling Tiara also from Chasing Fireflies

Elbow Length Gloves through Amazon

Velvet Dress-Up Crown from Kidsurplus

Sarah's Silks Reversible Crown from Blueberry Forest Toys

Damsel Hat from Kidsurplus

Little Princess Large Tea Set by Mudpie through Amazon

Princess Tea Set by Royal Fantasy available on Amazon

Play Set Palaces

This Enchanted Palace Play Set by I-Play
is marked 18 months up for the younger set.
Available at Growing Tree Toys

Folding Princess Castle by Melissa & Doug
is also from Growing Tree Toys

This is Papo's 3 Wishes Fairy Castle,
again from Growing Tree Toys

Princess Palace by Top Shelf Holdings is available through Amazon

The Magic Castle by Playmobil is offered at Kidsurplus

Dolls and Figures

Princess Elise Magnetic Dress-Up Toy by Melissa & Doug
from Growing Tree Toys

Imaginetics Pretty Princesses magnetic play set,
perfect for travel or quiet play
is available through Kidsurplus

This is Prinzessima from Sigikid available at Maukilo

Princess Seraphina by Groovy Girls is from Growing Tree Toys

A Day in Fantasyland and A Day at the Castle
are Puppettos from Manhattan Toy are also available at
Growing Tree Toys

A good alternative to Barbies, this is Princess Karina Grace
by Only Hearts Club from Growing Tree Toys

Topsy Turvy Dolls

Beauty and the Beast

These Topsy-Turvy Dolls are from North American Bear Company.
Turn the skirt over and the doll becomes someone else!
I found the best selection at


I am so in love with this vanity!
Beauty Salon with Stool from Educo
is available from Oompa
Here's another vanity, this Princess Table from KidKraft
is at Growing Tree Toys

Another piece in KidKraft's Princess line, the Princess Bed

Guidecraft Princess Carriage Toy Box also at Growing Tree Toys

Another storage solution is the Fairy Tale Castle Storage from Haba

For added decor, try this Up in the Castle Growth Chart
by eeBoo, available on Amazon

Arts & Crafts

Alex Sticky Foam Princess offered at Kidsurplus

Also at Kidsurplus, Decorate Your Own Princess Mirror
by Melissa & Doug

Picture Me a Princess to go with Do A Dot Markers
both from Growing Tree Toys

Little Princess from Hama available at Moolka


A Touch & Feel Board Book for Younger Princesses
That's not my Princess by Fiona Watt


Both available from Rabbit and Duck are the
Moolka carries Sigikid's Little Princess Line

From Melissa & Doug, Princess Dress-up Mix and Match at Kidsurplus

The Princess and Her Frog by Djeco, at MoolkaOompa has this Romantic Castle Puzzle from Djeco

By Djeco, Rose the Princess Puzzle , found at OompaQueen of Hearts Jigsaw Puzzle from Djeco also from Oompa

Princess Magnetic Puzzle by Haba, available at Moolka


Princess Mix & Match Game by Ravensburger, through Amazon

Princess Rummy by Haba is available at Moolka

Rabbit and Duck has Haba's Princess Jewel Game

I found Princess Charming Board Game at Growing Tree Toys

From Moolka, Princess Sleeping Beauty from Haba

Haba Sleeping Princess and the Pea Game offered at Blueberry Forest Toys

Once Upon a Time matching game by eeBoo
from Silly Dilly Tot Spot


Christine said...

Ooooohhhh I'm so glad you did a Princess post. I grew up with 2 sisters and my parent's never indulged us in the Princess/Barbie thing, so you can imagine my disappointment when my eldest daughter turned out to be a XBox playing, web-slinging, superhero lover. Yesterday, she threw a stink when I insisted we paint her room pink (it matches her bedding and paint is cheaper than bedding). Luckily, my second daughter is very much into princesses. I got my girls the Cinderella and Snow White topsy turvy dolls this Christmas and I can't wait for them to open them. I was soooo tempted to get them the Papo's Castle, but we just moved and have no money, so maybe next year. Thank you so much for posting this. I usually try to pretend I'm ultra chic and sophisticated, but when it comes to parenting girls, I'm like Elle Woods meets Sleeping Beauty, so this post was great eye candy for me.

Christine said...

Another princess update... So my in-laws got us an amazon gift certificate so I ended up getting the kids the Papo 3 wish castle after all. Let me just say, it is not the easiest thing to assemble. But... once you do, it's a beautiful castle. The girls have been playing with it all afternoon and they love it. I don't love the Papo figurines though. They're okay, but nothing special. At The Red Balloon, I saw another brand of castle figurines that were way cuter and more whimsical, but I can't remember what they were. By the way the girls totally loved the topsy turvy dolls too.

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