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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Toy Kitchen Sets

In response to Stacie, who asked which kitchen I ended up getting from my post "When a Toy Does Less, a Child Does More."
I ended up getting this Sink/Stove combo made by Small World Toys. It's held up really well, my son and his cousins climb on it all the time and it shows no signs of wear & tear. I ended up with that one because my locally owned toy shop carried it, and I had a 15% coupon and I didn't have to pay for shipping. Also, I could add the matching refrigerator later. I had seen this set carried in a school supply catalog, so I knew if they were selling it to schools, it had to be durable and I wanted it to last. Also, it was simple in design and gender neutral, like all kitchens listed below.

I love the Plan Toys kitchen sets, they had not come out when I was looking, otherwise I probably would have gone with a couple of those. The refrigerator has an ice tray that actually works to dispense ice cubes!

That being said, I did almost buy the Vilac/WH Swiss Toys/Educo kitchen (I've seen it listed under all three names). The nice thing about this one, is it comes with some play food/accessories. On the left, Grand Cuisine Play Kitchen from Oliebollen and on the right, My European Counter Kitchen from Willow Tree Toys, a little smaller in size. But, if you're looking for play food, Oompa and Moolka have the best selection of Haba food items.

Good luck deciding, Stacie. I think any kitchen you go with, you'll be pleased. All three are great, well known brands. What it comes down to is preference in style, really. Let us know what you get and give us your review on it. I'll post it for everyone to see!


Ali Flegal said...

Love the recommendation... somewhat frustrated with myself because we already bought one from wal-mart that has a few more bells and whistles, but i really like this set!

Koekkener said...

Beautiful Toys kitchen set. This is a really brilliant thinking to have that small kitchen in the house. Very good posting.