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Friday, November 9, 2007

When a Toy Does Less a Child Does More

Kitchen sets are a classic childhood toy. Last year for my son's second birthday I had everyone chip in to get him a nice one that would last a long time. While looking around at different models I had a friend show me her child's new kitchen. "Look," she said as she demonstrated, "when you put the bacon in the pan and the pan on the stove it sizzles!" My first thought was, "Oh, that's really cute." But as I continued thinking about kitchens my conclusion was that the sound effects were taking away from what a child's imagination could conjure up on it's own. My definitive position on toys is

When a Toy Does Less a Child Does More"

I'm not saying electronic toys are bad at all. We've had plenty ourselves, but if it functions just the same without batteries, who says they need to be in for the toy to be fun? I suggest taking them out and letting your child do the sound effects. This will help their creative thinking and imagination come to life!

When I finally found the kitchen of my dreams and my son had had it for about a month, I saw him taking a washcloth that came with a utensil set, hold it under his kitchen sink and say "psssshhhhhh" for the water sound, then proceed to wipe the counter and stove like he has seen me do in the big kitchen. Did I mention it was a wooden kitchen? No bells, no whistles!


Ali Flegal said...

What a great site. I have been debating about what to buy Eliza for Christmas. Money is tight, and I want to make sure what we buy will be something she'll learn from and enjoy!

stacie said...

which kitchen did you end up getting?! i've been considering kitchen "appliances" by plan toys or the kitchen set by vilac toys. familiar with either?