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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back(pack) to School Time

Can you believe summer is almost over and our kids will be starting school soon, if not already? Where did the time go? Hopefully you had as great a summer as I did, lounging by the pool, playing with friends, and having fun with family! I get so excited around this time. I loved buying new school supplies each year in August. I read once that children who get new school supplies each year actually do better in school. It gets them excited to learn and be back in class. Who doesn't love opening a new pack of crayons with sharp tips? Or labeling and organizing all the supplies? So, this post is in celebration for back-to-school! Who needs a new backpack?!

Each backpack is a different size! Make sure to check the site's dimensions on it to ensure a good fit for your kid. Some are better suited to preschoolers while others are for younger or older elementary. For example, the preschool backpacks may not be able to accomodate a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper or folder. Happy shopping!

Fleurville Kid's Pack Lunch Bag
Silver/Pink and Silver Navy from Oompa ($31.99)

Fleurville Green with Pink Ogo from Oompa ($65.99)
several styles available

Dante Beatrix Little Monkey Backpack at Neiman Marcus ($36)
several styles available, see Oompa too
We got ours today and I couldn't be more happy with it!!!

GlyphGuy Blue Backpack at Oompa ($29.99)
other colors available, this is also a great boy bag

Cath Kidston ABC Kids Rucksack
made from easily cleaned oilcloth
more styles on website

Several colors available, a good boy backpack
also in girly polka dots

Gap Printed Junior Backpack ($16.50)
different sizes and styles are available

Gap Sporty Backpack ($19.50)
different sizes and styles are available

Gap also has matching lunch sacks

Hanna Andersson Be Right Backpack ($29.50)
Several styles available, in boys too

Garnet Hill Backpack, Purple Zinnias ($32.00)
Several prints available, make sure to check out the Blue Rockets


Christine said...

Hurray! Growing up, I loved Back-to-School more than Christmas. I still get giddy about new school supplies. I got my preschooler the kindergarten princess bag and she looks sooooo cute with it. My kindergartener got the backpack version of the princess bag with the matching Sigikid lunch container. So cute! This was a great post.

irishleigh86 said...

Do you know of any toys that would help with learning letter sounds? Lu knows all of her letters but is having a hard time with the sounds of them. All I can get out of her is A is for apple. preferably not electronic.

kelly said...

Great post! We also orderd a Dante Beatrix (the bunny), and I LOVE it!! The quality is excellent.

I read irishleigh86's comment, and thought I would let you know about a great CD with an excellent phonics song. Sounds Like Fun is the name of the CD and the Alphabet Sounds song is a great way to learn letter sounds and to reconginze beginning word sounds. A speech therapist I used to work with used this as a warm-up with many of her students. My 20 month old is already getting the idea, and will make up his own version, "daddy, daddy, d- d- d-" (this will make more sense when you have heard the song). There are also songs that reinforce counting to 30, counting by 10's, and counting to 10 in Spanish. I can't say enough good things about this CD. Hope this helps!

The Toy Snob said...

Oh how funny, Kelly. I actually left a comment on irishleigh's blog recommending the same CD! I should have written it on here instead so thank you for taking the time to respond. I love it, you're right, it's great for teaching phonics.

kelly said...

I like how we are on the same wavelength! I thought of one more song that K teachers I worked with used. Dr. Jean drives me crazy, but the kids LOVED this song. It is "Who Let the Letters Out?" from the Kiss Your Brain CD. It goes "Who let the A out, a- a- a- a-" and so on. She draws her inspriation from 1990s rap music with this one, if I remember correctly. This is different from the Sounds Like Fun Alphabet song in that it links the letter sound with the letter instead of a word beginning with that letter. Just another way to get the concepts the way, I love the poetry post. I'll be putting that book on my much-too-long list of things to buy.

kidlet said...

Funny, i just posted about a great cephalopod backpack available on Etsy :)