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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've been quite the slacker, I'm so sorry! These last weeks of pregnancy are draining and I'm in that nesting phase, trying to deep clean everything before the baby comes. Anyway, I thought I'd do a post about some fun Halloween stuff I've been seeing!

I also heard of a good idea if you don't want your kids eating all that Halloween candy. When they get home from trick-or-treating you have them leave their bag of candy outside their door for the "Halloween Fairy." She comes during the night, takes the candy, and leaves a present instead. Yes, it's one more "fairy" to concern yourself with but it's kind of a fun idea. Talk to your kids about it and see what they'd prefer doing. I just use it as an excuse to buy more toys!

On with the toys...
I love these cute Nyokki Plant Pets! They take about 2 weeks to grow the hair, so order in plenty of time. I found them at Hearthsong for $10.98 each.

Kids can decorate and re-decorate this fun felt Spooky House Decorating Kit all month long. Offered through Mahar Drygoods for $59.00

Who says babies can't join in on holiday fun? These adorable Pumpkin and Candy Corn Rattles are from Yellow Label Kids. Oompa carries them for $8.99 each.I used to love these types of puzzles as a child. This is the Chelona Witches and Vampires Pocket Puzzle from Maukilo for $8.99.
Check out Curious Toys for the Bonz Deluxe 43 piece set for $26.00. Your kids can make all sorts of skeletal combinations. They also have fun sets like BugBonz and SeaBonz.

Here is a great seasonal story from Chris Van Allsburg called "The Widow's Broom" on Amazon for $12.89. I love this book and Chris Van Allsburg is a classic children's author that every child should know. Check it out, your kids will love it and you will too. My children's literature professor introduced it to us and I've loved it ever since.

If you're a collector of Madame Alexander dolls you won't want to miss this limited edition Spooky Celebration Doll on the Madame Alexander website for $79.95.

There is so much more out there but I thought these were fun ones. Have a fun and safe holiday!


Christine said...

Haha I think the plant pets are hilarious and I love the felt haunted house. Halloween's my favorite! This year, I think I might give out stickers or glowsticks or a small toy instead of candy. Maybe I'll check out Oriental Trading Co.

Geoff and Joy said...

the candy fairy is a great idea, that way the parents get to eat all of the yummy, fattening candy!