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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Waaaanted a Toooooy!!!

This morning my husband took my son out and upon their arrival home my son started crying, "But, Daddy, I waaaanted a new toooooy!" I guess some how their communication signals had been messed up and Marshall thought he was getting a new toy. For a while now he's been wanting a Lightening McQueen and Mack toy he saw a little boy playing with at a store, and I thought we would step foot in that awful corporate toy store. I was already imaging my next post, "Forgive me readers for I have sinned..." But when we got in the car and started driving my wonderful husband surprised me and said "I thought we were going to 'Red Balloon,' our locally owned toyshop. I was amazed, impressed, and excited as we made the turn to go to my favorite brick & mortar toy store! Marshall picked up and debated several things ranging from $5 to $35 and when we asked him if that's what he wanted to spend his money on, he surprised us each time by saying no.

Until he found what he really wanted! Wandering around the last isle, Marshall spotted a construction site toy called Big Loader by Tomy. His friend got it from his grandma for Christmas and Marshall had seen it at his house. We love our Tomy toys and I had seen this in action, so hubby and I okayed it for our son. For little boys (3 and up) who like construction vehicles this is a great purchase! It has a battery operated engine that goes along a track converting into three different vehicles, each with a job of it's own. It transports tiny "rocks" around the construction site. The kids can change the direction by pushing one of several buttons along the way. It's very entertaining! And come to find out, my husband thinks he had the same one as a kid. I saw a copyright for 1977, so it has been around for awhile! I recommend it if your kid is into construction, he'll love it!

Tomy also makes a Thomas Big Loader that is very similar.

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Anonymous said...

My brother had the 1977 version of this toy, too, and I can remember being absolutely fascinated by it! I am so excited to know that I can get a newer version of it for our son. Thanks for letting us know about it!