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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Toys For 9 Month Old Girl

My friend Alicia is curious about what to get her baby girl for Christmas. Since I know she already has a lot of boy stuff from her 3 year old, I am recommending stuff that is more girly than I normally would. Usually I prefer gender-neutral toys, but I myself want a baby girl and all the cutesy stuff and that has influenced my choices today. I love girl stuff, it is so fun and reminds me of my own girly girlhood! Alicia mentioned that her daughter likes mirrors and music.


Discount School Supply has many different mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Alicia has a great playroom where a mirror would be great. Mirrors make the room appear larger and have more light reflecting into the area (not that her playroom needs either). A mirror with a bar would be great as her daughter learns to pull up, and how cute would she be in a tu-tu at the "barre?" Another idea is a vertical mirror, placed low to the ground now and as she gets older she can use it with dress-ups to see how she looks! Children love to look at themselves in the mirror!


Alicia's daughter also loves music. I wasn't sure if she was looking for music, things that played music, or musical instruments but here is what I found in the music department.

This B My Prince Music Box from Sevi is cute for a girl's room and while she may be too young to twist it herself, she'll enjoy listening to it for now.

Boikido makes this adorable Musical Table complete with xylophone, tambourine, and drum. Play tables are great at this age as babies learn to pull up and stand on their own.

The Neurosmith Jumbo Music Block is a multi-sensory experience. This is a giant block that plays different songs on each side. The different sides also offer several tactile experiences as well as a new shape whenever your child pushes it over. Neurosmith has different music cartridges that plug into the block to expose your child to all sorts of different sounds and musical instruments from around the world.


This Roller Wooden Push Toy by Selecta rewards early walkers with a tapping sound as the beads spin around. A great alternative to those annoying plastic "poppers."

Totally girly in pink and green is Djeco's Lilibee Push Toy. This cute little bird has wings that spin and a little bell around her neck.

The ultimate push toy for an early walker is the Doll Pram Flowers by Haba, which is also a great doll accessory as she gets older.

What a cute little cow, this is a beautiful Pull Along Toy from Sevi in purple.

Also cute, Dream Journey from Haba offers more than just a pull toy. The wheels come off and the little king, queen, and jester are removable, something all kids love to do over and over.


While she may not be in to doll play yet, she will soon. In the meantime, a doll can just be a lovey or soft toy she cuddles with. Here are some of my favorite dolls for young babies as well as some nice soft toys that offer a sensory experience.

Corolle Dolls have long been a popular name in kids' doll brands. This is their Babipouce doll, Grenadine. We have the boy babipouce at our house, he is lightweight and cuddle-worthy soft. These dolls are only 12 inches long and even have a sweet vanilla scent. The head and hands are plastic, the rest is fabric. Like I said, super cuddly and cute!

While North American Bear is known for their outstanding plush animals, they also have this Rosy Cheeks Pink or Blue Striped Doll. She even comes with her own little hospital bracelet and velcro diaper. This doll would make a very cute sibling gift for the hospital when welcoming a new baby!

This sleepy little Sweet Pea from Manhattan Toy is sweetly enveloped in a pea pod while she sleeps. A cute little sister to Baby Stella from the same company.

I love, love, love this new Cuddlekin Bunny Molly by Haba. She looks so soft and has cute little flowers embroidered on her tummy.

It's really too bad that camels aren't a more popular stuffed animal. But this Camel by Kathe Kruse is absolutely irresistible in it's bold striped fabric!

The Grannimals Collection from Latitude Enfant are what little girls' tea parties with stuffed animals are made of! These fun little characters come in two sizes and a variety of animals. This is Mona the Cow, doesn't she seem like a good friend to invite over for tea?

This Butterfly Rattle from Sigikid is really, really cute! What more can I say? It would make an adorable lovey, one that any mom could live with.

Made by Haba, this Cuddling Ball offers little tags and things to hold onto outside, while a rattle hides inside. Can be rolled back and forth as a game. A great sensory toy!

Again, from Haba, this Flipkin can be turned inside and outside of itself, revealing three patterns. This will mesmerize baby for awhile!

This is such a fun Butterfly Ball from Sigikid. Baby will want to explore each of the butterflies' textures and sound as she rolls it around the floor.

While I can't really recommend a stacking toy at this age to be used as such, it never hurts to introduce it early, especially when it is so inviting! This Frog Stacker is from Rich Frog, available through who also carries a duck, cow, elephant, dog, or bunny. While she's learning to stack she can wear the rings as bracelets!

My First Purse from International Playthings is marked age 2 and up, so make sure there are no small parts. I recommend it because kids this and a little older love "filling and spilling" toys and this one will keep her out of your purse. Plus, it will grow with her as she starts roll playing and dress-up.


A great pounding and musical toy, Battino from Selecta is brightly colored. Listen to the musical notes as the balls roll along the xylophone underneath. Or, turn it over and drop the balls to hear them slide down the notes. Pounding toys develop good hand/eye coordination as well as gross motor skills.

This Miracle Pounding from Plan Toys is another example of a pounding ball toy. As one ball gets pounded down below, another rises to the surface, continuing the play.

Ball rolls are a popular toy for toddlers who are able stand on their own. Vilac makes this vibrantly colored House of Balls, available through Urban Kids Play. Ball rolls help develop a toddler's vision while they track the ball with their eyes as it rolls down the slides.

Shape sorters have long been a childhood classic. Brio's new colors dress up this Sorting Box with pink, red, and green shapes.

Knob puzzles are also a classic toddler toy. Holding the knobs helps develop fine motor skills later used for writing while fitting the shape in the right place develops critical thinking and visual discrimination. This Champignon Magique from Djeco is quite girly, while Melissa & Doug's line of Jumbo knob puzzles, like their First Shapes, is more gender neutral.


carterberkliematlish said...

Thanks so much for all the suggestions!! I am pretty sure that I want to get one of each for Berklie!! I'll just blame it on the "toysnob". You are awesome, thanks for your help.

Jessica said...

Grenadine is my 18 month olds favorite. thanks to her aunt who love Carrole

Ninie57 said...

I love the Sevi Musical Boxes. I got one and a buch of Haba plush toys on and with coupon code baby15 I got 15% off (available until 01/31/2008)